Gucci AW18 Milan Fashion Week Models wearing Skih Turbans

Gucci AW18 Milan Fashion Week has levelled a lot of critism using white models wearing turbans.  

There has been a lot of comments about the Gucci AW18 Milan catwalk where Alessandro Michele sent white models downs the catwalk wearing Sikh turbans. The criticism levelled at Gucci was at various levels, using white models to model turbans, inappropriate use of turbans etc.

As a proud Sikh, I believe my religion represents honesty, unbiased acceptance, bravery and above all showing humanity. Having read some of the historical events, my understanding is that sikh’s wearing the turban represent these values and stand tall. It is true that the turban is a religious symbol, however non practising Sikhs also wear the turban and grooms often wear a turban during marriage ceremony, so as well as having a religious significance it also has a 'trend about it'. As our religion is based on being open to all cultures, why would we be worried about the colour of the models?  I believe that Alessandro Michele intentions were to show tolerance and integration when creating his show.  For him the show was about showing that fashion was about integration of all religions and races. He has drawn attention to the sikh turban which previously was misunderstood, for that we should be grateful.  Having reviewed the show, I believe that a lot of work and creativity went into this show. I for one was not offended that he used white models to wear the turban, why should the turban be for asian skins, who are we to judge? Our sikh values are based on forgiveness and humanity, so let’s show Alessandro Michele some of these values.

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